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Know exactly what you want and how it is going to look. Your vision is your rock. When talking about brands and identities, it's your vision that will bleed through the BS. People will become attached to the big picture when it is focused just right. The world exists to make you lose focus, so remain steadfast in your ideology and never lose sight of clarity. Our goal is to enhance your vision to make it bigger brighter, and more vibrant. 


The truth is, we are bombarded by messages all day and more distracted than we've ever been. What matters to one person is not the same as another. Your job is to make it matter, not to everyone, but to the people who share the same vision as you. We don't do unhealthy messages shoved down your throat. It's about reaching the right person at the right time. Make it matter to them and that's when the momentum will swing in your favor. 


What matters in the world of humans are the thoughts, feelings, dreams and desires of you guessed it, humans. Turns out we are not perfect, but we certainly are beautiful. So how does the humanity translate into your marketing? You can start at the heart. Human to human, heart to heart. Not Screen to data, PNG to algorithm. Keep it real first, keep it heartfelt and the rest will follow.


ROAR. In the twenties, as they used to say. Loud, bold dynamic, all words we hear from time to time. What are they associated with? Disruptive. Winning? Something you never heard - the timid company climbed up the forbes list in the last 2 years and wowed everyone with their moderate line of ideas. INSERT: things that aren’t timid. BE not afraid to ruffle feathers, but do be kind. What this means is we will not ask you to play it safe, as everyone else tends to do. We will kindly encourage you to make a stand for what you believe in.


Says the company that will set up your automated marketing system… There is no true automatic set and forget formula that will work while you sleep. You gotta get in there and make it work. You can’t just insert a template and become a star. Every problem is unique and every process requires attention to detail. That being said, there are certainly ways to make the process work for you, instead of the other way around. So yes, when it comes time to get started, you can bet that the work we do for you will be for you only.


The lights are on, the camera is on, and the humidity has ruined your hair. Are you still going to shine, or take a rain check? Best think about that before you sign up for the big leagues my friend. When it’s go time, it’s go time. Did Luke use his targeting computer when he destroyed the death star? He didn’t. But the point is, resilient people go far, and adversity is always afoot. So don’t never hesitate when you are on the way to greatness. Hopefully this message has inspired you to proceed, despite any perceived limiting factors.


IF I could wave a magic wand and make all the haters go away, would you get more meaningful work done? Have you entertained the thought today that your plans are going to meet some resistance? Then you are in the right place. Let’s not let the trolls dictate how we sleep at night mkay? You know the old saying, lions don’t lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. 100% accurate campaigns don’t exist, so someone is likely to disagree. Politely respond to the negativity, but by all means, leave the haters out of your calculations.


Advertising says it is going to do something, but hardly ever does. Advertising promises the world, but comes up short. The BEST. Brightest, newest **used** car. It desperately wants to be what it truly says it is, but it isn’t. It’s out of shape. But it’s not Advertising’s fault. The world has made it that way. So now you see bad advertising everywhere- and we do not embrace it. Our vision of Good advertising is different. Real, original and unique.


As we work together, our goal is not to change you, but we will challenge you. We will challenge your ideas against ours, but at the end of the day, it is your business. You are always going to be 100% in and you will always love your product the most. But that bias can come back to bite us. What can help is the ability to flip your perspective and see from a different point of view. Maybe not ours, but your customers, your clients. Their opinions will drive your success, so be ready to hold up a mirror and ask yourself to make a change.
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We are proud to partner with the SDCA to provide a community carnival for Southeastern San Diego. 

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