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At Ice Storm Marketing our staff is dedicated to working hard, and playing hard. Our team is comprised of versatile and experienced marketing professionals who are passionate about helping people solve their problems in business. Find out more about us by scrolling below

BRING your VisioN to life

What is it you want to accomplish? With the power of teamwork, we can take an idea and make it so much more. 


We love handling all of your marketing, content creation, web design, paid social campaigns, SEO, branding and more!

We’re based in LA, and we work with both international, and national companies. 

Dana Belle


Chief Executive Officer // FounDer

Dana Belle

I believe that in order to become the 1%, you have to do what the other 99% won’t. It starts with believing in yourself, and those around you. That’s why I built a team of not just believers, but doers. People who come to work excited, and ready to make the magic happen- that’s Ice Storm Marketing, my dream team.


Vice PREsident Of Operations

DESIREé Chesnutt

My high level focus is to bring together all the facets of executive leadership, sales & staff management, operations planning, customer retention, and financial management, to help companies grow in the right direction. What I really enjoy doing is building and being a part of a team that sparkles!

Desireé Chesnutt

Conner Bradley

Marketing Development & Design

Jakai Drayton

Creative Assistant

Samuel Marshall

Marketing Assistant
Ice Storm Marketing
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