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NFT’s Simplified!

What does NFT stand For 

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens

What is an NFT

An NFT or Non-Fungible Token, is a digital asset that can also maintain value as a cryptocurrency, usually in the form of digital art. although unlike other cryptocurrencies an NFT does not allow you to sell or exchange it at equivalency.

Where to Market

With NFT’s rising in popularity extremely quickly, there is also an influx in marketplaces to sell these items. We can supply high grade marketing to get your NFT’s to the forefront of these platforms. On the opposite end if you would prefer to create your own marketplace that features and holds all your digital assets, we can provide and promote these services as well.

Should I be creating NFT’s

Yes, you should be creating NFT’s. The ability to turn almost any product into a digital asset is highly valuable. If you have any type of art or creation you value, you should make an NFT out of it and promote it.

What makes an NFT unique

All NFT’s are unique and individually priced. Besides just pricing, the “digital blueprint,” each one leaves is also distinct. There can only be one owner per NFT, this allows the value of each NFT to rise as there will be demand with very limited supply.

How can ISM Help me with my NFT marketing Strategy

The marketing team over at ISM can help you get your digital assets real publicity, so you can get them sold. Anyone can make and sell an NFT but as the demand for them grows, an increased quality in marketing and publicity is also needed. We can provide effective and profitable marketing that will get eyes on your product, so people can get a true professional view of the assets you deliver. 

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