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Highlighting the SDCA


Here at Ice Storm Marketing we take great pride in being as multi-faceted as we can be. Our marketing prowess is always expanding, and we love to grow as a team as much as we love to grow your business. While It’s no secret that ISM works especially well with movie marketing, NFT marketing, and even ecommerce marketing, we also thrive in social media campaigns and getting real world reactions for our clients. With this in mind, we wanted to put together a blog post that highlights our work with the amazing non-profit, the San Diego Community Assist(SDCA). 

The San Diego Community Assist (SDCA) is a 501c3 Non-profit who uses their time and resources to give back to their local community. This post will highlight not just the  great turnouts the SDCA has had since partnering with Ice Storm Marketing, but the amazing work this organization is doing as a whole. 


Thanksgiving Food Boxes Giveaway

The first event ISM had the pleasure in taking part of was the 2020 Thanksgiving Turkey and Food Drive Giveaway. This giveaway was done with the intention of giving back to the homeless, and anyone else who may not be able to eat during the Thanksgiving season. Keeping in mind our law enforcement who have to work during the holidays, we also gave some to them due to the fact many won’t have the opportunity to go home during Thanksgiving.  we got great footage form the event, take a look!

Christmas Turkey and Toy Giveaway!

Immediately following this, the SDCA set out to do a similar feat for Christmas. With our help we were able to give out hundreds of toys and Turkeys to families in need. The SDCA understands that many people are struggling this holiday season, and with our help, we were able to notify those residents and get their needs fulfilled. These two events were great to help build our reach in the San Diego Area. This way, we can use our skills and relationships to have more successful events. We’ve attached a short recap of the event below, take a look! 

With 2020 being a Win-Win for ISM and the SDCA, we set out to make 2021 even better. Beginning in March of 2021, ISM and the SDCA set out to give over 100 free laptops to students and kids in need. Sometimes its resources as small as a laptop, that can help give undervalued kids the edge they need to succeed. This event featured an appearance from he mayor himself and even garnered the attention of many news and media outlets. One thing we at ISM want to highlight is our ability to build long lasting relationships. Our team is great at getting to know people and building trust with them. As our work with the SDCA continues to be highlighted, you’ll see an ever expanding network and turnout. This is one of our key strengths and we love doing it.

2021 Free Carnival

As COVID-19 took hold of the world in 2020 and people were forced to quarantine, many people were itching for an event that would get them out the house and having fun. Always striving to be ahead of the curve, and provide relief to its community, the SDCA set out to host a free community carnival that everyone could attend. Utilizing a social media campaign in tandem with previous connections and email marketing, we were able to host the biggest carnival San Diego has ever seen. More than 2’000 people came to participate in our COVID relief community carnival and had an amazing time. The Police Chief, Fire Chief, and even Mayor came to show support, as well as many news outlets including KUSI. Take a look at this amazing event and interview from its organizers. 

The Inspire Community Unity Awards Show

The next major event on our slate was the Inspire Community Unity Awards show. This was an awards show that was hosted in hopes of shining light on all the great work other non-profits and community leaders are doing for San Diego. This event was truly special and close to our hearts because we loved the ability to reward the amazing work of other people. Often times people and leaders feel under appreciated and under valued in the work they do. The SDCA understands this and immediately set our sights on minimizing this feeling as much as possible. 

After working with the SDCA and San Diego for a extended period of time, this was our most successful event yet. We made sure to highlight and invite all the highest level officials in not just San Diego, but the state of California as well. Using our resources, we were able to get the Mayor, police chief, and even Secretary of State to be in attendance. On top of our special guest, we had tons of award winners and nominees from a plethora of non-profits. We loved every part of this event and all we were able to accomplish, take a look at our recap below!

Once again, the SDCA understands the state of the world, and the state of the community. This understating helped lead us to the grocery store takeover. The grocery store takeover was an event where the SDCA paid for over $10,000 in groceries to families in need during the holiday season. It was an amazing event and people were brought to tears at the revelation of not having to pay for their groceries. Take a look!

Turkey and Toy Giveaway!

The most recent event we had the pleasure of marketing for was the second annual Turkey and Toy Giveaway. This was the second Turkey and Toy Giveaway we’ve done, and we’re proud at how elevated the experience was this year. First and foremost, with more relationships in the community we were able to get more donations, which in part helped us purchase more turkeys and Toys. This year we were able to give away over 800 toys and 500 turkeys. With the help of ISM’s marketing, we had a line that stretched over a mile long before the event even began. This event was held at the Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation in San Diego, and they reported this was the biggest and most successful event at their site. 

Due to our previous events, we had an email list that stretched thousands. We used this email list to run email campaigns and link to our social media campaigns. With no marketing budget and just our our relationships, ISM was able to sell out of all out turkeys and toys, as well as get the Mayor, Police Department, and several news outlets to our event. We put together a short video highlighting the event, take a look!


As you can see we love working with the SDCA and all the amazing events they are doing to help their community. Again, while we thrive in NFT, movies, and TV marketing , we also have a passion for social media marketing and implements gorilla tactics. As you can see in these examples, our strengths come from doing more with less. We are the Win-Win agency, and we always work around your parameters, while still ensuring we bring you the most success. This has been ISM, the Win-Win agency, signing off. Thank you so much.

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