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How to Yat: The New Wave in Branding and Marketing


One of the greatest innovations of the 21st century is the creation of the emoji. People love the ability to convey their thoughts and actions through these little cartoon characters. From anger, to sadness, to even the simple action of wanting to send your country’s flag; no matter what the situation, it’s hard to find an idea that can’t be expressed through the use of emojis. 

While marketing and branding for emojis has been done before, there hasn’t been a way to tie specific emojis to your brand. This was up until recently with the creation of Yat’s. Yat’s give you the power to link specific emojis and emoji patterns to your brand, so people will always think of you when they see that pattern.

What Are They

Yats were created by the blockchain company Tari Labs, and CEO Naveen Jain to give creators and innovators a new form of branding and marketing. The company and advertisement video describes it as, “A new censorship resistant internet identity system that enables everyone to use a personalized string of emojis as their username.” 

Buying and securing a pattern of emojis from their website allows people to type those emojis into a browser, and in turn find links to all your social medias, businesses, and any other information you want the user to have immediate access to. This works similar to Linktree but is unique in the sense that you can, in practice, copyright your own emojis and emoji patterns to your brand. You don’t have to post a link tree type format though, Yat lets you redirect to any website or link you have, just in case you only have one and not multiple. The possibilities are almost endless, which is what makes this idea so innovative. Because this pattern is then copyrighted after purchase, you can use this link for more than just advertising and networking, such as receiving legal payments.


The Yat wave is spiking in popularity with the website reporting more than 300 – 500 Yats minted each day of June. This may seem like a lot but keep in mind the sheer number of emojis there are in circulation. The website reports that even if you choose just to make a three pattern yat, there are over 92.35 million possibilities! If you choose to make one of any length then there are over 18.91 trillion possibilities.

Each yat created will be a part of a generation starting from zero. Any yat created after the date of July 30 will officially be dubbed part of generation 1 with everything prior being part of generation 0. As more and more yats get created and it continues to evolve into further generations, the more unique earlier generations will become, raising value. You can even sell yats as NFTs. 

Future Reliability and Pricing

The biggest question people may have is: what is the price for such an ingenious creation, and what is the asset value going to be over the course of time? While it’s impossible to determine its longevity, it doesn’t look like Yat’s are going anywhere. There have been many celebrities and investors already utilizing yats and progressing their brand with them. Some of these celebrities include Kesha (🌈🚀👽) and even Lil Wayne (👽🎵). 

But what about the price, well the price for a yat varies. The creators of yat are using a system called “Rhythm Score” to determine price. A rhythm score is determined based on the rarity of a pattern and of a specific emoji itself, the higher the rhythm score the higher the price of the Yat. While many will maintain the low price of just $4, it’s easy to see why popular emojis such as a simple “laughing face,” can be priced higher than a less used emoji. For instance, the purchase of a yat that utilizes a single emoji, this being the “Golden key” emoji, sold for 425 thousand dollars. For further examples of Rhythm scores look here


It’s easy to see why people are being drawn to this new wave in brand identity. We here at Ice storm Marketing even minted our own Yat (see photo above), and we would love to help market yours. Social media posting, keyword analysis, and market knowledge is essential in understanding how to make sure your yat is seen and marketable.


For any further information surrounding Yats, please click here.



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