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How to Get an Logo Animated

How to Get an Animated Logo Reel for Your Business:

You’ve seen them before on youtube, TV, podcasts, tutorials, the news, ESPN, just about anywhere wher there is media. Animated logos are here to stay.  So how do you get one for yourself?

Our animated logo video services are top notch: Click Here for Your Animated Logo Video.

Only $37.99, its a steal.

DIY logos stink.

Don’t do it yourself…

Our services are priced similarly to other programs but with ours, you enjoy the confidence of Ice Storm Marketing’s deep knowledge and experience to guide you. Our team provides experience and knowlege reaching far into the history of marketing and is reshaped daily by social trends. All our animated logo reels include multiple revisions. This means if you want 2 logos for the price of 1, then all you have to do is say you don’t like the first one and you get two.


  • Expert guidance and executions (We wants what is best for you)
  • Unique logo videos are customized specifically to reflect your customer’s interests –Not template based
  • Membership with purchase, entitling you to additional discounts on other services


  • 3 days delivery. Let’s be honest. As experts in branding design, we need to know about your business and customer base so that your animated logo fits.
  • Real People: Yeah, that’s right. You can’t create a new brand identity or animated vidoe without interacting with people. We really care about your business’ success.)
  • All Orders Accepted… (or maybe not) We’re busy changing the world, but we don’t have to be happy about it. Once we know your brand goals. we can evaluate your logo and whether it  matches your customer’s wishes. In other words, if you want a duck smoking a cigar wearing a plaid jacket, while riding a narwahl, we can do it…. But we may offer another option you haven’t thought of. Based on past performance, our choices tend to reflect those adopted by successful businesses.

The Choice is Yours

Do you want to be remembered as Ho-Hum?Movement – Move People.

Video is an easy way to wow your audience, Helping  to distinguish your brand on social media, online, or in print is the first step in being remembered.

To date, the algorithms used by video search engines (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) favor videos that are not only more engaging –drawing greater interest from customers, but also boost search ability. The audio from your video is scanned to create highly valued transcripts.  The included natural language is great for generating keywords and the potential of the human voice boosts value for consumers and search engines alike.

Your animated logo stamps a unique vibe on ALL of your video content. Its a small investment for the future of your brand.

Don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Order your animated logo today.

If you need any help (as always,) we’re here for you!




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