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Highlighting Guru Mile

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With our last post highlighting the amazing work the San Diego Community Assist (SDCA) is doing and our work with them, this post will focus on one of our other main clients, Guru Mile. Guru Mile is a company that specializes in website design and marketing. Through their company, you can have an ecommerce website built and marketed by a top notch creative team.  We love working with Guru Mile and helping to market all their websites and commerce stores. One website we want to shine a light on above any other, is Thebirdznbees.com

Since the inception of this website, ISM has had the pleasure of taking full marketing control over this asset. This website specializes in adult health and wellness products, and due to its nature, presented a plethora of marketing and advertising issues to get around. While too many this may seem like a challenge, to us this was an opportunity. If we can market successfully market this website and build it from nothing, we can market anything. We are proud to say this endeavor was a success. 

Between the creative routes used to market this asset, and the limitations we overcame when doing so, we had an amazing time growing with this company. Please take a look at our Guru Mile Case Study here

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