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Full-Service Advertising for Targeted Success

Full-Service Advertising for Targeted Success

Shell games

If You’re Tired of the Shell Game

Marketing a new idea, brand, product or service is easy compared to finding a trustworthy team dedicated to your success. You need assurance that your team –really– has your back. They won’t let you get lost in the shuffle.

Ice Storm Marketing is that kind of team. Our experienced staff is built of do-ers. We don’t just stand by and take credit for a businesses’ natural growth and development. At Ice Storm, we’ve built your team from experts in Branding, Ecommerce, Web-Development, Print Advertising and New Media Technologies to stretch every dollar of your advertising or marketing budget. We specialize in developing a well-performing marketing mix for our customers –because at the end of the day, our success is built on yours.


Self Promoters and Hype

There are a lot of players in the world of advertising. Nonchalantly placed “awards” for campaigns of which you’ve never heard. Offices in desirable zip codes and meetings with hard-selling corporate minions can send the most experienced business owners into a tail spin. No one seems above name dropping, including famous brands, social media influencers or hot directors. Case studies and other evidence rarely hold up to scrutiny since one cherry picked from a bushel of damaged fruit, still leaves us with one satisfied customer out of 100. Despite their promises, will you be that cherry or one of the hundreds whose hard-earned money will pay for their expensive rentals and lavish lifestyles?

marketing strategy

Our Service Creates Value

If you want the best in service and value, you can do no better than to choose Ice Storm Marketing. We can handle all the marketing and advertising aspects of your business, from strategic planning, through creativity, innovation and production, as well as interactive marketing and remarketing through Pay-Per-Click campaigns, Social Media outreach, and website content uniquely designed to satisfy consumers as much as search. engines.

amplify your voice

We Amplify Your Voice

Ice Storm Marketing works with you to develop campaigns and messaging that perfectly reflect your business goals – helping to amplify your product’s potential and reach a larger market.

Loyal customers.…& Build Rewarding Relationships

Creating and managing your business was filled with challenges, set-backs and victories. It’s what you are best at. Don’t take away resources from your core business or compromise with freelancers who promise what they can’t deliver. Time is money, after all. Our experts will do what they do best, freeing you to concentrate on your business.


Is your business the next big thing?
Is it…

Unique –so special– that IT MUST be shared?
Emotional –an experience people can’t stop talking about?
Transformative –Capable of changing the world for the better?

If you are ready to make those dreams a reality, we want to hear from you. Use the handy form below and tell us your story.

Special Notice

Do to consumer demand, we are unable to accept new clients at this time. We project our rosters will reopen in approximately three (3) months. ...But, we've been known to bend the rules for an acceptional cause. Tell us why your business is the exception. You will be added to our wait list and contacted as openings become available.

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