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Highlighting Fungy.io


Fungy (Fun-Gee) is a new NFT marketplace that will be going live on July 29th, 2022, and will shake up the NFT space. It is the platform that will unite NFT communities with some of the most timeless movies and TV shows from the past 50 years and much more. Through a Deal with Cinevision Global and their enormous catalog of films and TV shows, they will be able to create some truly iconic NFTs. From John Wayne and Bruce Lee to Nosferatu and Little Shop of Horrors, this catalog is robust and the marketplace will be a jumping point for NFTs. With multiple other additions to the marketplace that will enhance the NFT experience. 

One of the features that the platform will be launching with is chatting between users! Now you can be able to hear straight from the creator’s mouth what makes their collection so special. You can collaborate with fellow artists, learn about collections, and make some new friends in the NFT space! I’m interested to see how many trades happen because of this feature! Being able to see potential NFTs that aren’t for sale and offering up their own NFTs can be a great way to get some quality NFTs. There will also be a dedicated discord server for updates and to keep in touch with the community. We can tell that Fungy wants to create a space for seasoned veterans as well as people that are unsure or new to the NFT space to start a conversation and create a safe space for them to communicate together. 

I was lucky enough to be a beta tester for the site and let me just say that I’m excited to see where this site ends up. The potential of this site is astronomical and can change how businesses respond to the NFT space. With a push to get people to go back to theaters after the pandemic this can be a very viable option for movie theaters like AMC and Regal to release NFTs that can give you benefits for going into theaters. Things like free movie tickets and merch can be a good add-on to an already good investment opportunity. Even the movies themselves can hop on the train and offer things like a chance to meet the stars or even red carpet events. The possibilities are endless, but it all depends on you! 

When all things are said and done, I think that this marketplace provides an opportunity. An opportunity that no other NFT marketplace provides. Something that everyone can relate to. Everyone has a favorite show, a favorite movie, a favorite music video, or a favorite scene, and to be able to own a piece of that can truly revolutionize the NFT space. So if you have some time come check out Fungy.io

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